MoveIt, New simple and quick way to transfer Media

Transfering media from phone memory to microSD card has always been a very challenging task, MoveIt solves all the Problems.

Transfering media from phone memory to microSD card has always been a very challenging task. Users like to make use of there smartphone to the best and while doing so transferring media from internal storage to microSD card slot sometime becomes a tedious task. Selecting multiple files from photos, videos and other document and then transferring it makes it very difficult and not really handy. To help it out and get things easily done MoveIt is the app that does all the media transfer in a quick and easy way. It could be called the ultimate app to transfer your all images, videos and audio files to SD card and vice versa.

Key features of Movelt

•Transfer media from internal storage to SD card.
•Media from SD card to internal storage can also be done.
•Movelt also comes with inbuilt cleanser.
•Auto transfer option in the app does the job itself.
•Movelt also has internal and external storage media scanner.
•There is a search option where you can search images, video and audio files which access both internal and external storage.
•Movelt also comes with an inbuilt player which makes the user view their media first and delete it.
•Deleting media can also be done in Movelt.
•Movelt has an easy simple and a very friendly UI which is effortless and can be used by any users.

Screenshot of MoveIt Application

Adding media looks so simple and neat in MoveIt

MoveIt app

The inbuild cleaner which is provided by MoveIt

MoveIt app

Choosing location has never been so easy.

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MoveIt app

Deleting option which comes prebuild in the app.

MoveIt app

Auto Transfer which makes it easy and automatically transfers file from internal storage

MoveIt app

Here is the download link from which you can easily get yourself the MoveIt app in your smartphone and make most of it. Transfering media has never been so easily MoveIt app for Android.

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