Why and How hosting plays a major role for your business

The business website plays a major role in development and growth. This website also helps in targeting market and customer from around the globe.These business website help company to keep customer and clients about there brands and different offers they give out. Some business owners really know the importance of the website and hosting, how important their website content is and what it goes into making a good and a valuable content and overall website. But not many really know that how important web hosting is and how it defines to be a great and successful website.

There could be many factors which will end up making your website good and work well for your business if your selection of website goes wrong both your website and business will have to suffer on a very long run. Here are some of the reason which could possibly be a reason and why hosting plays a major role.

Poor SEO Ranking

SEO is the god of content marketing. Any content which has a good SEO score it is more likely people are going to visit the website through google search or website gets organic traffic. If you want a pure organic traffic and want your website to be on the first page of Google search then you should consider doing a good SEO of the website. If your website is parked on a server which has a bad service than it could really affect the SEO score of your website or blog.


If your host of the website has a lot of downtimes, then you might be really doing it badly for your own website. Any website which has a lot of downtimes might risk the uptime rates of the website. When your website or blog has multiple downtimes the chance of content getting delivered to the audience is very less.

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When people visit your website and find it down, they don’t usually visit the website again. Business website and blog which is not operational most of the time people don’t visit the website and the traffic of the website reduces.

If your website is income generating or has ad sense on it than, the downtime effects revenue generation.


Servers or hosting who don’t have a good security are susceptible to different malware attacks. Backup of your website always needs to be secured and cannot be compromised, the blog and website should always be secured from the threat. Some hosting services also don’t offer technical support in case of emergency.

A good server with 365 days of support ensures website and blog security.

These could be possible effects of using not so good hosting services for your blog or website. Taking precaution should be considered before you land up in serious problem or risk to website or blog.

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