Purity Redefined by Airoshine with Smart Air and Surrounding Purifier

Airoshine announced its brand new range of Air Purifiers that is committed to the core of Purity, Health, and Wellness. Airoshine A-016, an advanced range of room air purifiers is ideal for any home, office or employees cutting-edge technology. The product drives on an impressive seven-layer air filtration technology that effectively clean room. It enables you and your family to live robust, healthy and stress-free lives with an affordable price range.

The Airoshine Air Purifier is tested using a smoke generator. The air purifier removes the smoke and reduces the PM levels in only a few seconds from over 500 to a count of only 3. Airoshine’s Air Purifier, the AIROSHINE A-016, provides faster purification with an inbuilt anti-mosquito diffuser, which is highly effective and allows you to use DEET free liquids to get rid of all mosquitoes. It uses a 7 layer air filtration technology along with a colour indicator for air pollution level to provide you with the cleanest and healthiest air.

The air purifier uses only 0.2 W of power in standby mode, and 40 W at the highest fan speed.

Available for Price: 23,600, Offered Price: 19,470.00, the new flagship AIROSHINE A-016 gives faster air purification with higher Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) and effectively covers and cleans a room up to 450 sqft.

Mr Raghav Gupta, Founder of Airoshine, said Expanding contamination levels are contrarily affecting well-being, causing respiratory and different issues, particularly in youngsters. In this situation, Air Purifiers have turned out to be to a great degree significant for buyers the nation over. Indoor air is more than 10 times more polluted than the air outside which can prompt different sensitivities, asthma, respiratory and other medical issues. Normal human life can be stretched out by five years with essentially a superior nature of indoor air. In our journey of bringing purity to the lives of our consumers, we are pleased to introduce Airoshine A-016 bringing Purity & Wellness for all!”

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