Reliance Jio revises its recharge plans

As said before, Reliance Jio has revised all its old “Dhan Dhana Dhan” offers. The cost of new tariff plan has gone up significantly while the validity of these plans has gone down. The current plan which everyone used to recharge was of Rs 399 which has now been replaced with a Rs 459 which will offer 1GB of 4G data, unlimited calls and other services which are been offered by Jio is included in the plan.

In addition to the new Rs 459 plan, the old Rs 149 plan has been improved and now offers much more data. Before the Rs 149 plan offered a limited data of 2GB for 28 days and the new plan will have a daily restraint of 0.15GB and in total 4.2GB for 28 days.

Reliance Jio

Adding to this the Rs 98 plan has to offer 0.15GB daily limit and in total 2.1GB of data for 2 weeks while the other one plan which cost Rs 52 will also have the same constraint with 1.05GB of total data for a week.

The long-term plans are been scraped off. The validity period on Rs 999 plan has been reduced, the new plan will have 2 months of validity. On the other hand, the validity of other plans has been increased. Looking at the plan and the cost it is clearly seen that Jio is trying to push more expensive packages.

The bandwidth speed has been reduced while the other terms and condition are been changed by Jio.

While the other plans from Jio remain unchanged, while the other plans have seen a very little change in benefits, cost and validity. All the new plans will be active from today that is 19th October. The good thing is that you can still use the 100% cashback offer which Jio has announced a few days ago.

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