Xiaomi Mi Band HRX Edition priced at Rs.1299.

Xiaomi is one of those companies which are is the list of top selling wearable devices. After a huge success of there, Mi Band and Mi Band 2 Xiaomi has finally launched its 3rd edition which is Xiaomi Mi Band HRX Edition which looks no different from the Mi Band 2 but comes without a heart rate sensor.

The Band is one of the first fitness band which is been partnered with one of the Indian brands that is HRX, the brand which is owned by Hrithik Roshan. The Mi Band has the same design and looks like Mi Band 2 but if you notice it nicely you will find the missing heart rate sensor and an HRX logo embossed behind of the strap lock. Xiaomi claims that the Mi Band HRX edition has made better sensors for a good performance of tracking data.

Other features of Mi Band are sleep tracking, step tracking, phone unlock and the OLED display on the band also works like calls and other app notifications. The band can connect to any smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 and works on both Android and iOS.

The Mi Band can last up to 23 days or more on one single charge and priced at Rs. 1299 this could be one of the cheapest fitness band on the market today. The Mi Band will sell on Mi.com and Mi Home from 18th September. The band will be also available on Amazon and Flipkart from 20th September. If you’re looking to buy a fitness band without a heart rate sensor and wish to get some accurate results in the budget than Mi Band HRX edition would be the best choice.

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