Instagram introduces Superzoom Tool and Halloween Filters

Instagram a photo-sharing platform has been rolling out many new features. This time it is a tool called as “Superzoom”, many new filters and stickers are also been added. Halloween is around and you can see many creative tools been added which can make some fun moments with your friends and family.

  • Superzoom tool has been introduced
  • Superzoom allow quick zoom-in feature with cinematic sound
  • New face filter, sticker and effect have been added


Superzoom is a new way to record videos with creepy sound effects and zoomed in features.

When you open the camera in Instagram, you will see “Superzoom” feature under multiple options. You just need to tap on “Superzoom”  record. The feature will automatically zoom in with a music. You can use this feature on both the camera. This feature can be used on any be it your friend face or anything around you. You can add this video to your Instagram story or direct DM it to your friends.

New Halloween Face Filters


You will see too many filters and stickers in your Instagram camera which are available now. Whatever it could be around ghost and spirits, this filter has everything you have to create something spooky. You can also add filters to your photo and videos.


These updates are been rolled for Instagram v20.0 for both Android and iOS. If you haven’t updated your Instagram yet then you surely need to do it soon.

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