Vivo APEX, An Extraordinary Concept Smartphone

Vivo APEX Concept Smartphone, Redesigning the future of Smartphone

Vivo recently unveiled the world’s first smartphone with an in-display fingerprint scanner. This technology was pretty impressive, Vivo decides to not stop here. Vivo unveiled the APEX, a brand new concept device that takes the fingerprint scanning to a whole new level. The Vivo APEX comes with half of the display as a fingerprint scanner, a retracting selfie camera and full-screen design to a whole next level. The Vivo APEX still is a concept smartphone but truly a game changer and way ahead of time.

So what makes the Vivo APEX ahead of time and a unique concept phone


Bezel Free Display

The Vivo APEX concept smartphone continues to be company push to create a true FullView design that makes the bezel nearly not visible, as seen on phones like the V7+, V7, X20 and X20 Plus. The APEX could take the bezel-less display to a new level and reach new goals. The bezel on the APEX is just about to be 1.8mm. The bottom bezel is just about 4.3mm. This could be only possible with Vivo’s OLED platform, which enables all the microchips to be mounted directly to the circuit board. This could save a huge space and make the phone profile very small.

A Fingerprint scanner half the display

A Fingerprint scanner below the display is one of the best features. The Vivo APEX concept devices use an improved in-display fingerprint scanning technology. The APEX concept phone can recognize fingerprints anywhere you touch in the bottom half of the display. This makes it stand out as you don’t really have to tap in a specific spot, touching the display anywhere makes it more flexible.

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The display is a speaker

The Vivo APEX concept smartphone has created something which it calls Screen Sound casting Technology. It transforms the whole show into a speaker, sending a vibration through the screen and discarding the ordinary telephone speakers.Screen Sound casting Technology turns the entire APEX display into a speaker, sending vibrations and also consumes less power than the traditional method. This technology also cuts down the sound leakage and optimizes sound, so that users get a better overall experience. The Vivo APEX also uses a new SIP ( System in Package) technology to offer better quality Hi-Fi audio experience. The DAC and three amplifiers are been integrated together inside the body of the phone which results in less space being taken up. The space management helps the concept phone to have more space for a larger battery.


A Front Elevating Camera

Vivo APEX concept comes with an 8MP selfie camera which gets elevated, it includes an 8MP front-facing camera which elevates out of the phone when it’s in use. In just 0.8 seconds the front camera rises out and goes back down when not in use. All the sensors on the smartphone are been put on the display giving it an excellent selfie experience while cutting down the overall screen-to-body ration.

The APEX Concept Smartphone is the future

The Vivo APEX concept shows the how the company is pushing all the limits to redesign the future of smartphone. The APEX concept phone is truly a killer device and when the real commercial product makes it way in the market it could turn head round. Although APEX is a purely a concept smartphone, it has no plans to release an actual product. The many new features on the Vivo APEX Concepts really work it would not be surprising if one or any of these ideas make their way into the smartphone.

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