Micromax Air Conditioners Launches Ayurveda Series in India starting at Rs 22990

After making its way through the TV segment in India, Micromax has put in extra effort to be a consumer electronics brand. The company has launched three new air conditioners under its Ayurveda series with a starting price tag of Rs. 22,990 and going up to Rs. 39,990 depending on the different variants.
The new arrangement of aeration and cooling systems are extraordinarily intended for the antagonistic Indian climate condition and awful air quality. The Ayurveda series mainly focuses on mid-range segment trying to take over over many another brand which is doing good in this price range.

The newly launched AC is the first in India with PM 2.5 filter which seems to be perfect for the Indian climate with its sense of the cooling solution. This is also advertised to offer an anti-bacterial and anti-allergic supplements offering users a new experience in this price segment. Powered by the R32 eco-friendly refrigerant and has lower harm and contribution towards global warming. These Air Conditioners also come with Inverter models that help in saving power and overall noise from the compressor. The company recently entered in the cooling segment with their tower, desert and window coolers and with the launch of the new Air Conditioners series, Micromax small steps towards the capturing the market seem to be clear.

The company in next 12 months aims to capture about 5% market share of the Indian Air conditioner and establish themselves as a game changer. Micromax has already set up dedicated service centres and exclusive store for the new series of products in order to provide customers with a better sale and after sale service.

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