Grammarly Keyboard for Android, Type English with Confidence

Grammarly has always been helping writers and other normal users in creating content which is error free on PC. Smartphone users are increasing on daily bases. A huge amount of messages and text are been shared on everyday bases and mistake tend to happen. Where there is a mistake in English grammar there is Grammarly ready to help. As you type Grammarly does its job and fix all major and minor mistakes on the fly. The company has finally launched the Grammarly Keyboard app for Android.


This keyboard app gets integrated with all your apps in mobile including your messaging platform, Social media, Emails and mobile browser. It provides more than hundreds of checks. Be it a professional or personal message you can always type with confidence. It helps in correcting grammar and punctuation making your message error free.


Mistake-Free Writing
– Sophisticated grammar checker
– Contextual spelling checker
– Advanced punctuation correction
– Vocabulary enhancements

Works Everywhere
– Keyboard integrates smoothly with all apps
– Easy to set up

Improve Your Skills
– Clear explanations for every correction
– Help understand your mistakes to avoid them in the future

The application is available for free on Android and you can download it from the Play store or use the LINK

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