Airtel Offers 30GB of Free Data to VoLTE Beta Testers

Benefits will be provided over 8 weeks of time

Users will have to install Airtel’s VoLTE switch

There might be network fluctuations

Features offered by Airtel VoLTE

The VoLTE network will come with features like fast calling connect, which is supposed to be faster than regular calls. HD voice calling is something which it will be supported. Airtel also claims to have worked on internet sessions working undisrupted during VoLTE calls.

Airtel is one of the largest telecom operators in India but like all other leading brands in the telecom industry in India, Airtel is also going through a very tough time due to Reliance Jio. To stay up with its biggest competitor, Airtel has also started rolling out VoLTE services in selected cities. Airtel has also introduced a VoLTE Beta programme to make its network strong in VoLTE telecom segment.

The VoLTE Beta program via Airtel is welcoming clients to try out there innovation and consequently, the client can profit information benefits. Under this offer a total of 30GB free data which will be divided into three parts, 10GB on downloading and enabling VoLTE switch, 10GB on providing good feedback after a period of the 4th week and the final 10GB after providing the last feedback after the 8th week. Airtel also told that beta users might experience network problems and will have to provide feedback regularly.

Airtel VoLTE Beta programme will be available in West Bengal, Odisha, Kerala, Bihar, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Assam. Users who wish to be a part of this program will have to enable VoLTE on their smartphone, and enable VoLTE switch. You can easily check the eligibility of your number by just clicking here and entering your valid mobile number. Airtel currently has a VoLTE presence in Mumbai, Maharashtra, MP, Chhatisgarh, Telangana, AP, Goa, Gujarat and Karnataka.

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How to become join VoLTE Beta Program?

To join the Airtel VoLTE Beta Program, users should have an active Airtel 4Gb SIM card, an upgraded OS and an enabled VoLTE switch.  The 30GB of free data will be split across three instalments of 10GB each. Beta Program PAGE.

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